Although everyone is familiar with the ‘chicken’, ‘poultry’ or ‘domestic fowl’ that provides meat and eggs to people all over the world, few realize that these birds are all descendant from a pheasant called the Red Jungle Fowl. The original species still occurs in the wild from northeast India, where they were first domesticated at least 4,000 years ago, through Indo-China and much of Indonesia (except Kalimantan), although it is likely that they were introduced to most islands east of Bali. Those people that first domesticated this bird could never have dreamed how vital its descendents would become to mankind as a food source and in neurobiological research. Six members of this family occur in Java: two partridges, two jungle-fowl, a quail and a peafowl.


Run fast before flying with rapid wing beats

5 thoughts on “Phasianidae

  1. kok ngga motret merak yg ekornya ‘megar’? padahal di Baluran saya liat merak yg ekornya keren2 lho.. cari yg lebih keren lagi donk meraknya.. emang susah ya motretnya?

  2. bu rini,
    setahu saya, merak akan me-megar-kan ekornya pas musim kawin. dan ini belum musim kawin jadi ya agak susah motret ekor megar merak.
    mungkin sekitar bulan agustus akan lebih sering lihat ekor megar.

    semoga infonya berguna
    swiss winnasis

  3. Hi Swiss,
    A very nice work, keep the pics coming, Sorry you couldn’t join us (Imam, Jarod and me) when we visited your area. We had a great time and a lot of birds.
    Take care and see you sometime.

  4. very thanks Mehd,
    i’m so sorry can’t service you. as you said, we’ll meet soon here. and i promise to be your best guide.
    and thanks again for visiting my simple blog.


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