Almost rivaling the thrushes (Turdidae) in terms of number of species, the babblers are a diverse assemblage of birds that vary widely in size, plumage coloration, foraging niches, voice and nests, reflected in the larger number of genera. Yet their global range is much smaller than that of the thrushes, and until recently thought to be confined to southern Asia and Africa in the Old World. The one exception is a species found in western USA, which was formerly thought to be an aberrant tit (Paridae). Despite their heterogeneity in form and ecology, the majority of babblers are sedentary forest-dwelling insectivores, and as many species forage on or close to the ground, they typically have rather drab plumage, thrush-like bills, strong legs and feet, and short rounded wings with limited flight capabilities. While some species are conspicuous due to their social and garrulous nature, others are frustratingly elusive, being solitary and quiet, except at dawn. Of the 19 species of babblers found in Java, five are found in Baluran , and one of these is endemic to the island.


Undulating and finch-like, but usually short distance.

Dengar suaranya

*Pelanduk Semak (song)

*Tepus Pipi-perak

*Ciung Air Jawa (call)

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