Anyone who has ever experienced rainforest in south-east Asia has probably heard barbets, even if they are unaware of it. Their incessant, monotonous calls can be heard all day long. But finding the source of these calls is a different matter, as these green-garbed vocalists remain motionless among foliage at the top of tall trees. Like the trogons, barbets occur in tropical regions throughout the world. Despite general appearances, barbets are most closely related to woodpeckers, sharing with them the same arrangement of toes, with two pointing forwards and two back, which enables members of both families to perch upright on tree trunks (Phillipps and Phillipps 2009) as they excavate holes in rotten trees for nesting and roosting. However their bills are robust and conical, surrounded by whisker-like bristles, and they have two large unfeathered sacs (normally hidden beneath feathers) on either side of the throat, which are used as resonance chambers when calling (Philipps and Phillipps 2009). Barbets feed mainly on fruit, especially figs, and whilst they are typically territorial and solitary, fruiting figs may attract many individuals comprising several species with no obvious aggression. Most species also take insects, and some occasionally catch small lizards.  Of the 16 species found in Indonesia, six occur in Java, two of which are endemic to Java and Bali, and one to western Java. Three species can be found in Baluran .


Shallow and fast wingbeats. Straight.

2 thoughts on “Capitonidae

  1. luar biasa…..burung ini sdh mulai langka juga
    itulah pentingnya fotografi burung. makanya ayo berangkat sekarang, bawa alat yang ada, masalah kualitas nomer 72, yang penting konsisten insyaAllah akan memberikan hasil terbaik….semangat!!

  2. Wahhhh…Black-banded Barbet n Flame-fronted Barbet….
    Kan endemik ya???

    cakep fotonya…..
    yup, M. javensis dan M. armillaris emang endemik jawa, tapi javensis lebih jarang dibandingkan armillaris.
    di Tahura R. soeryo, yang namanya Takur Tohtor itu kayak bondol lo, mudah ditemukan dan gak punya malu alias gila foto hehehe…

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